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is a proud user of Bio Sculpture.

Bio Sculpture is the inventor of coloured, sculpture and soakable gel. Bio Sculpture offers a permanent nail colour that last for weeks without wearing or chipping and is available in over 140 colours.

No primers or bonders are required before application so there is no dehydration of the nail. It is a long wearing, chip proof gel that is easy and quickly removed with no damage to the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture offers a range of gels to cater for all nail types to meet all our clients’ needs. It is applied directly over the natural nail, much like a polish and mimics the natural movements and flexibility of your nails, keeping nails perfectly protected with a non-chip colour finish. There is no drying time with Bio Sculpture as it is cured under a Safety Tested UV lamp. There is minimal buffing to prepare the natural nail and there are no primers, dehydrators or pH balancers needed.
Health and wellbeing for both Therapists and Clients is what is important to us. Bio Sculpture is the only nail care company worldwide to receive a 5 star safety rating for tolerability and efficacy.

Your Consultants

Michelle has been a nail artist and image consultant for over a decade, and Sandra offering reflexology – bringing their expertise to the needs of women across Essex. They are happy to advise new and existing clients.
Call them now on 01245 257100 for an informal chat or to book an appointment.

The advantages of Bio Sculpture

  • Soakable Gel – Easily removed with no excessive buffing on the natural nail
  • Natural Nail Gel – can be applied directly to the natural nail
  • One Step – first colour gel world wide; choose from over 140 colours
  • Sculptured Gel Nails – fast and easy with nail forms or with the new freeform method
  • No odours, dust or fumes – healthier and cleaner environment for staff and clients
  • Quick and easy – brush on like nail polish with no time consuming build up process
  • Self levelling – no excessive buffing before and after application
  • Compatible with other systems – can be applied over acrylic, fibreglass or other gel products
  • Flexible but durable